International Research Consortium (IRC), a not for profit membership organization with more than 70 individual members and 40 participating research sites, was founded in 2015 to facilitate and support research, either directly or indirectly, on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a chronic neurological syndrome characterized primarily by severe pain. CRPS is a relatively rare condition and treatment trials have generally been single-site pilot studies with small patient samples. Our goal is to facilitate research across multiple sites to increase sample size and improve the rigor and quality of CRPS-related studies. The IRC, therefore, is interested in accelerating the identification of effective treatment options through the production of compelling research results.

Our members are the leaders in CRPS research; some have spent 30+ years working in the CRPS arena and others are noted rising stars in the field.  Together, they bring a wealth of experience and diversity in their approach to finding a better treatment for those with CRPS.


Becoming a Member

Membership in IRC gives you access to a 70+ member research community and, through our forum, allows you to interact with them.The IRC is a platform to share ideas for potential research collaborations, update members on current publications, and share funding ideas. At this time, the IRC does not provide direct funding of research.


If you are interested in joining IRC, please send a request to with a copy of your CV, your affiliation

and a summary of your current CRPS-related research interests.

Non-researchers, including patients and clinicians, are not eligible for membership. Please contact RSDSA.


The IRC Board has 10 Directors, each of whom are members and commit to serve a three-year term. An Executive Director manages the organization’s operations. 


Follow the link below for a list of Board members and their bio sketches.






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