The International Research Consortium for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is proud to announce the biennial Tribute and Lectureship Program in honor of our good friend and most excellent colleague Professor Roberto Perez, an extraordinary researcher on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This inaugural event is co-sponsored by the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Association of America, the CRPS Special Interest group of the IASP and the Patiëntenvereniging CRPS (Dutch CRPS Patient Society), and will take place every other year during the IASP meeting.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the inaugural event will be held in Toronto week of September 19 (details to come). We will honor Perez's memory, and feature a lecture by a promising researcher who has conducted outstanding research in CRPS. There will be a reception immediately following the lecture.

To apply for this lectureship, please send an email to with:

  1. A recommendation letter from your mentor/lab chief.

  2. Your Curriculum Vitae.

  3. A brief abstract of the proposed lecture.

This opportunity is intended for early to mid-career researchers with a research emphasis in CRPS. In a 45-minute lecture, the researcher will present his/her CRPS work and relevant work in their lab, and will receive a $500 honorarium.​ 

To attend the event, please email



Professor Roberto Perez was a leader in CRPS research. A physiotherapist by profession, he was Professor of Pain and Pain Therapy Research at VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam. At the time of his death in 2017, he was the Chair of the IASP Special Interest Group for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and Secretary for the International Research Consortium for CRPS. His clinical and research interests were focused on Palliative Care and CRPS, and he contributed a remarkable amount to both fields. Roberto was an exceptional clinical academic in so many ways. Dr. Perez was a lead contributor within The Netherlands, TReND (Trauma Related Neuronal Dysfunction) Consortium, one of the most productive collaborations to date in the world of CRPS research. Read a tribute to Dr. Perez by one of the IRC's Board Members, Candy McCabe.