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Membership is free to current and active CRPS researchers. By joining our prestigious and diverse research community you participate in the evolution and development of better treatment and diagnosis of this devastating disease. Our members are leaders in CRPS research; some of whom have spent 30+ years working in the CRPS arena while others are noted rising stars in the field.

How to Become a member:

To join our organization, please send an email to with:


  1. Your name, email and phone number

  2. Your CV

  3. A list of your affiliations

  4. A brief summary of your current CRPS research interests


Each application is reviewed by our Board and we do our best to respond within 5 business days.


Membership is open to current and active CRPS researchers only. Sorry, non-researchers, including patients and clinicians, are not eligible for membership


  • Be a part of a vibrant community of researchers in CRPS. 

  • Join consortiums of active international sites to develop and conduct well powered and valid trials in CRPS.

  • Get first access to new funding information and opportunities.

  • Access late breaking research and established bibliographies.

  • Free instruments to use in your research such as CSS, COMPACTs and COMPACTc.

  • The ability to connect and collaborate with other CRPS researchers at the forefront of research with access to sites and member investigators.

  • The chance to help us build and use the international registry for CRPS patients interested in participating  in research.

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